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Alex "Seymour" Addison


Primary Theater The Hideout Theatre
Years Active 2013-Present

Alex "Seymour" Addison is an improv performer who works primarily with The Hideout Theatre.


Seymour had graduated from Texas State with a BFA in theatre. Specifically, in the field of directing and not performing. It was only till Seymour joined the Hideout Coffeehouse as a barista before he knew there was an improv theatre in the same building. Four months later and after seeing a few maestros, he began classes at The Hideout Theatre under the instruction of Jessica Arjet and Andy Crouch.

Seymour completed classes at Institution Theatre under the guidance of Sarah Marie and Clifton Highfield.

He's a hip happenin' dude who's main source of transportation is his bike, a bike which has no name. If you miss him, don't worry, he's biking home listening to weird electronic music that's obnoxiously loud via his bluetooth speaker.


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