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{{Infobox Troupe
|Name = Cheap Date
|Picture =    Cheap Date.jpg
|Cast = {{Unbulleted list | [[Alejandro Garcia]] | [[Andrew Basile]] | [[Chrissy Shackelford]] | [[Jessica Marpe]] | [[Matt Needles]] | [[Naomi Perryman]] | [[Nathan Sowell]] | [[Will Casto]] }}
|Years = 2013-Present
Cheap Date is has been tasked by ColdTowne to mine raw yukz ore and refine it through comedallurgy into pure audience bliss.  
'''Cheap Date''' is an improv troupe.
Cheap Date is not daunted by or disdainful of the Harold.
== Summary ==
Cheap Date started as a [[ColdTowne Student Troupes|student troupe]] at [[ColdTowne Theater]]. They share members with [[Nice Astronaut]], [[Concrete]], [[Golden Age]], [[Array]], and [[Book Club]].  
Cheap Date's members are as follows:
== History ==
They were voted "Outstanding New Troupe" at [[ColdTowne Theater]] in 2013.
Andrew Basile
== Media ==
Nathan Sowell
=== Videos ===
Jessica Marpe
* [http://vimeo.com/60843799 Video] by [[Kyle Sweeney]] of one of their shows (uploaded 3/1/12).
Matt Needles
* [http://vimeo.com/channels/austinimprov/77204222 Video of their 6/22/13 show] in [[The 44-Hour Improv Marathon]].
Naomi Perryman
Alejandro Garcia
== More Information ==
Chrissy Shackleford
* [http://www.facebook.com/cheapdateatx The troupe's facebook page.]
Will Casto
Spindrift Beck (in Absentia)

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Cheap Date

Cheap Date.jpg

Years Active 2013-Present

Cheap Date is an improv troupe.


[edit] Summary

Cheap Date started as a student troupe at ColdTowne Theater. They share members with Nice Astronaut, Concrete, Golden Age, Array, and Book Club.

[edit] History

They were voted "Outstanding New Troupe" at ColdTowne Theater in 2013.

[edit] Media

[edit] Videos

[edit] More Information

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