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{{Infobox Troupe
|Name = Cheap Date
|Picture =    Cheap Date.jpg
|Cast = {{Unbulleted list | [[Alejandro Garcia]] | [[Andrew Basile]] | [[Chrissy Shackelford]] | [[Jessica Marpe]] | [[Matt Needles]] | [[Naomi Perryman]] | [[Nathan Sowell]] | [[Will Casto]] }}
|Years = 2013-Present
Cheap Date is not daunted by or disdainful of the Harold.
'''Cheap Date''' is an improv troupe.
Cheap Date's members are as follows:
== Summary ==
Cheap Date started as a [[ColdTowne Student Troupes|student troupe]] at [[ColdTowne Theater]]. They share members with [[Nice Astronaut]], [[Concrete]], [[Golden Age]], [[Array]], and [[Book Club]].
Andrew Basile
== History ==
Nathan Sowell
They were voted "Outstanding New Troupe" at [[ColdTowne Theater]] in 2013.
Jessica Marpe
Matt Needles
== Media ==
Naomi Perryman
=== Videos ===
Alejandro Garcia
* [http://vimeo.com/60843799 Video] by [[Kyle Sweeney]] of one of their shows (uploaded 3/1/12).
Chrissy Shackleford
* [http://vimeo.com/channels/austinimprov/77204222 Video of their 6/22/13 show] in [[The 44-Hour Improv Marathon]].
Will Casto
Spindrift Beck (in Absentia)
== More Information ==
* [http://www.facebook.com/cheapdateatx The troupe's facebook page.]

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Cheap Date

Cheap Date.jpg

Years Active 2013-Present

Cheap Date is an improv troupe.


[edit] Summary

Cheap Date started as a student troupe at ColdTowne Theater. They share members with Nice Astronaut, Concrete, Golden Age, Array, and Book Club.

[edit] History

They were voted "Outstanding New Troupe" at ColdTowne Theater in 2013.

[edit] Media

[edit] Videos

[edit] More Information

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