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Fallout Theater

Fallout Theater graphic.jpg

Address 616 Lavaca St., Austin TX, 78701
Homepage https://www.falloutcomedy.com/
Years of Operation 2018-Present

Fallout Theater is a theater in downtown Austin, TX, that provides improv, sketch, and stand-up comedy performances nightly, and focuses on Chicago-style long form improv.


[edit] History

The theater was founded by the former staff, faculty, and performers of The New Movement (Austin) in February 2018, following the dissolution of that theater amid controversy over misconduct by the owners of The New Movement.

[edit] Shows

[edit] Improv Shows

[edit] Sketch Shows

[edit] Stand-Up and Variety Shows

[edit] Improv Teams

[edit] Mainstage Productions

In this context, "Mainstage Productions" means weekly themed shows with one- or two-month runs.

[edit] Inactive Teams/Past Shows

[edit] Themed Troupe Shows

[edit] Other

[edit] Media

[edit] Videos

[edit] Media

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