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Here is a list of shows that have run or are running in Austin, organized by producer.


[edit] ColdTowne Theater

[edit] Ongoing Shows

[edit] Mainstage Productions

In this context, "Mainstage Productions" means weekly themed shows with one- or two-month runs.

[edit] Sketch Shows

[edit] Improv Shows

[edit] Themed Troupe Shows

Often at ColdTowne, a troupe will do a themed mainstage run. Typically, these shows are listed with the troupe page.

  • Precious Dads have presented "Dads in Bars" in January 2013 and "Home for the Holidays" in November 2013, and will present "The Barmando" in March 2014.
  • Nice Astronaut has presented "Last Call", "It's a Tolerable Existence!", "28 Minutes Later", "Townesville", and "Back in Townesville".
  • Stag Comedy has presented "Stab Comedy".
  • Wink Planet will present "Pilgrims Are From Mars" in November 2014.

[edit] Other

[edit] Gnap! Theater Projects

[edit] Ongoing Shows

[edit] Mainstage Productions

[edit] The Hideout Theatre

The Hideout Theatre puts on regular shows that run weekly or monthly for long periods, and mainstage shows, which are weekly with one- or two-month runs. For information about the mainstages, see the List of Hideout Mainstage Shows in Chronological Order.

[edit] Ongoing Shows

[edit] The Institution Theater

[edit] Ongoing Shows

[edit] Mainstage Productions

[edit] The New Movement Theater

[edit] Lucky Chaos Theatre Projects

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