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Nice Astronaut


Years Active 2008-Present

Nice Astronaut is a comedy troupe in Austin, TX that creates and performs Chicago-style longform improv forms, writes and performs sketch comedy, and teaches regional improv workshops. Their monthly Improvioke show is on the second Saturdays at 11pm at ColdTowne Theater.



Nice Astronaut was the first permanent, self-formed troupe from ColdTowne Theater and was formed from several students in a level 1 class together at ColdTowne Theater. They debuted under the temporary name "H.J. Compromise" in a ColdTowne Theater Cagematch on October 11, 2008. They were originally coached by Tom Booker (2008-2009) and were later coached by Dave Buckman (2009-2011, 2013).

Nice Astronaut as Cagematch champions
Nice Astronaut as cagematch champions December 2008

As H.J. Compromise, they went on to win the December 2008 ColdTowne Theater Cagematch championships after defeating "Honky Knife Fight" (Josh Krilov and Stephanie Russo) and "Four Square On The Moon" (one of the many permutations of the ColdTowne Student Troupe Northshore Local).

In 2011, Nicole and Tim formed a separate troupe named Townsville to write and perform scripted comedy. In 2013, Townsville was folded back into Nice Astronaut.


After narrowing down the potential troupe name from a list of over 200, the troupe wanted to be called "Bad Astronaut" (a pun on "Bad-Ass"), but the name was already taken by a punk band. After exploring several alternatives (including "Fat Astronaut"), they settled on "Nice Astronaut".


The troupe was formed by Becca Peterson, Allison Alvarez, Patrick Daniel, Clay Crenshaw, Tim Honker and Carla Goodman. Carla left the troupe after rehearsals began but before the first show.

Nice Astronaut 2011
Nice Astronaut lineup 2010

Over the years, the following people have been or are currently still members of Nice Astronaut (in order of joining):

Custom Created Lonform Forms

Nice Astronaut has specialized in creating and preforming custom forms, but has also performed montages, living rooms, Armandos, and Deconstructions for extended periods of time as well as short form.

Small Universe

The Small Universe format is the combination of a loose Close Quarters and a loose Harold. The format consists of describing an object and collectively storytelling about that object from a plural first person point of view. Long rabbit holes are traveled down to generate 2-3 rules of the universe which eventually cause the characters, locations, relationships and rules to intertwine in the end of the show. Nice Astronaut started performing this format in the summer of 2012.


The Improvioke is similar to an Armando, but replaces the monologues with the interview of an audience member about their life and then an improvised song based about that person. The improvised lyrics are sung to an existing and well known karaoke backing track, such as Sweet Caroline. Nice Astronaut created this form in early 2010 and performs it on their second Saturday shows.

28 Minutes Later

28 Minutes Later (named after the approximate length of the show) is a mono-scene form that follows the third act of a zombie survival movie. Nice Astronaut takes a suggestion of a non-geographic location where "humanity may make its last stand" against the zombies. Each improviser enters a dark stage with a flashlight and delivers a character monologue until the last character locates the lights in the location and the show starts.

It's A Tolerable Existence

Performed as a run at ColdTowne Theater in December 2011, this narrative format improvises an alternate version of "It's A Wonderful Life" based off the real life and childhood dreams of an audience member from an interview. The show was presented as if it was a hosted Christmas movie from the 1940's showing similar to Masterpiece Theater. This run of shows would also end with some a Christmas themed Improvaoke set.

White Elephant

White Elephant was a format performed as a December 2012 run at ColdTowne Theater. Audience members were instructed to write down previous good and bad gifts they had given and received in the past onto pieces of paper. Nice Astronaut, dressed in festive attire, then randomly drew these piece of paper and used them as suggestions to inspire real life monologues which inspired a run of scenes.

Save These Dates

A semi-narrative improv format that follows the potential dates and long term lives and "what-if's" of a game show contestant and their 3 suitors. Nice Astronaut performed this format in February and March 2012.

After Midnight

After Midnight was Nice Astronaut's monthly improv/sketchprov show during 2009-2010. Each show as themed and often had sketches "re-improvised" in the same style of Second City revues. The show titles and themes included:

  • Infomercials
  • You are NOT the father
  • Improvised Bosom Buddies
  • Elvis-prov
  • Air'ee body gettin' married up in hurr
  • The Roast of Santa Claus


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Nice Astronaut also hosted the short lived "Nomad Comedy Nights" on Wednesdays at Nomad Bar during the summer of 2009.

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