One More Night

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One More Night

One More Night.gif

Theater Salvage Vanguard Theater
Directed by Audrey Rachel Sansom
Produced by Gnap! Theater Projects
Run Jan/Feb 2010
Scheherazade and Shahryar.
Scheherazade and Shahryar provided a framing device for each evening's tales.

One More Night was an improvised longform narrative show inspired by The Arabian Nights.


[edit] Summary

One More Night featured multi-layered framing devices, used bolts of bright fabric scattered about the stage for a variety of props, costumes, and scenery, and emphasized sensuality and violence.

The show was produced by Gnap! Theater Projects at Salvage Vanguard Theater.

[edit] Soundtrack

The following are links to songs that were frequently used in the One More Night score.

[edit] Recaps

[edit] Media

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[edit] Videos

  • 2/13 performance: 1, 2, 3, 4.

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