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[edit] Usage

This template lists standard, useful information about an improv performer.

{{Infobox Performer
|Name	=		
|Years	=	
|Instruments = 

[edit] Attributes

Parameter Explanation
Name The performer's name.
Picture A picture of the performer.
Theater The performer's primary theater affliation. (This defaults to "None" if it's left blank.)
Years The years that the performer was active, for instance "1993-1997". If he or she is still actively performing, set it to something like "1998-Present". Note that these are the years the performer was active in Austin's improv community, not just improv in general -- so if an improvisor moved to Austin in 2004, the start date is 2004. Instruments For musicians, what instrument(s) they play.

Performer Name

Performer Default Image.png

Primary Theater None
Years Active Unknown
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