The Great Mundane

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The Great Mundane

The Great Mundane.jpg

Theater The Hideout Theatre
Directed by Jay Bernardo
Assistant Director(s)
Run Mar 2006

The Great Mundane was a serialized improv show. It ran as a mainstage show at The Hideout Theatre in March 2006.


[edit] Summary

Jon Hunt assisted the director as a "story coach", and Jordan T. Maxwell wound up running the production after a certain point.

[edit] Guest Stars

Each week included a guest star. These are the guests who appeared on the show:

[edit] History

Here is Jordan T. Maxwell's explanation of the name's origin:
Jay's initial idea was just an exercise in world building, and he wanted to call it the Mundane. I thought that might not be very marketable and threw an adjective in front of it, give it a bit of circus flair. Worked out okay.  :)

[edit] Media

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