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The AIC Wiki follows the Wikipedia Manual of Style except in cases noted below.

[edit] Names and Titles

  • Each article should begin with the name of the page in bold text.
    • Example: "Goat is an improv troupe in Austin."
  • Italicize show names. A show is something that plays many times.
  • Place individual, one-off show names in quotes.
  • Keep troupe names in a normal font, linked to the troupe page.
  • Note that these standards may overlap. For example, there may be a show name in italics that is also a link.
  • Finally, show formats are capitalized in a normal font: The Harold; The Living Room.

Example: Parallelogramophonograph has a regular show on Friday evenings at The Hideout Theater called The Spectacle. One Friday they played a show that ended up being about being giraffes with emotional issues which they have subsequently referred to as "Neurotic Giraffes."

[edit] Adding Categories

Categories can be added for the following:

  • Troupes
  • Shows
  • Performers

Categories are added by adding the [[Category]] tag, in the following style:


This would put the page (presumably for someone named Smith) into the Performers category, and on the category page, alphabetize Smith under "S" rather than (as would otherwise happen) his or her first name.

[edit] Links

  • Link everything you can on the first mention. Subsequent mentions on the same page need not be linked.
  • Links to Wikipedia use the following syntax: [[wikipedia:monkeys|monkeys]]
  • Try and use the canonical name of a page if possible. For example, the canonical name for that festival we all call "OOB" is The Out of Bounds Comedy Festival.
  • If you wish to refer to a page using a non-canonical name, you can add it to the link as:
[[The Out of Bounds Comedy Festival|OOB]]
  • When creating a page, try and keep in mind what non-canonical names might be used to search for that page. For examples, the troupe The Seven Eight Sevens might be referred to as:
    • The Seven Eight Sevens
    • Seven Eight Sevens
    • The 787s
    • 787s
    • 787's (although man would I hate to see an apostrophe abused like that)
    • The 787's
    • The 7-8-7s
    • etc.

When creating your page, please create Redirect pages for each variant you can think of. In the abovementioned example, you could create a page called The 787s and its content would simply be:

#redirect [[The Seven Eight Sevens]]
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