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Chelley Pyatt

Chelley Pyatt Pic.jpg

Primary Theater The Institution Theater
Years Active 2008-Present

Chelley Pyatt is an improv performer who works primarily with The Institution Theater.

[edit] History

A post from her about the first improv show she ever saw:

The first improv show I saw was the British Whose Line Is It, Anyway? when it aired on PBS in Dallas. I continued watching the show when it came to the US. I always found it delightful.

But the first live show was actually at New Years this year. I went to the ring in the midnight show at the hideout and saw the two Kacies, Kareem and another guy (can't remember his name) with Roy directing. It was fantastic and the perfect way to ring in a new year. Definitely better than most drunken dramas that most of my friends went through that night.

Funnily enough I was already taking classes at the Hideout when I went to this show. Never seen a show live but wanted to take classes anyway b/c my friend Kevin Miller always talked about his days in improv and it always seemed fun.

[edit] Shows

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