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ColdTowne Student Troupes are officially sponsored troupes of ColdTowne Theater composed of ColdTowne Conservatory students and graduates. Auditions are held once to twice per year, and only ColdTowne students and alumni are eligible to audition. The ColdTowne Faculty typically selects 9 to 11 performers and assigns a ColdTowne faculty member as the new troupe's coach. Until the troupe selects a name, they are typically referred as "The New Troupe" or "Troupe X" where X is the student troupe number.

[edit] ColdTowne Student Troupes

Student Troupe Number Troupe Name Debut Date
1 Look Cookie April 2007
2 Midnight Society September 2007
3 Murphy February 10, 2008
4 Unfurled June, 2008
5 Northshore Local December, 2008
6 Total Panic June 14, 2009
7 Oh, Science! December 2009
8 Secret Senate June 6, 2010
9 Journey to the Big Water November 14, 2010
10 Consequences May 15th, 2011
11 Tears But Joy  ?
12 Cup  ?
13 Cheap Date January 3, 2013
14 Bear Derby August 1, 2013
15 Rush  ???

[edit] Debut Traditions

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