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ComedySportz 1999.jpg

Years Active 1986-2012
Directed by Les McGehee
Cast Various
This page refers to the sports-themed short-form improv show that ran in a number of theaters from 1986 to 2012. For the competitive short-form improv show that's had several runs as a Hideout mainstage show, see Theatresports.

ComedySportz refers to the Austin franchise of ComedySportz.


[edit] Summary

ComedySportz is a format in which teams of improvisors compete to do the best short-form improv. A referee oversees the competition, and a scorekeeper assigns points to each team's efforts. The show emphasizes quick-witted, short-form, family-friendly comedy. True to its name, the show includes many sports conventions -- the referee dresses in a vertically-striped jersey, the tech booth provides sports-arena-style music, and the players can get penalized for "fouls", including the "brown bag foul" (lewd or offensive humor), and the "groaner foul" (awful puns).

[edit] History

The franchise had its first audition on 1/22/86 (Superbowl Sunday). Over their 28-year run, they put on over five thousand shows -- both in Austin and on tour around the world.

In 2000, the Austin Audacities defeated the Chicago Jazz in a nail-biting finale to the ComedySportz National Tournament and were crowned the Champions of the Comedy League of America.

ComedySportz participated in both The 40-Hour Improv Marathon and The 41-Hour Improv Marathon.

The Austin franchise closed up shop in 2012, but the San Antonio franchise continues to put on shows.

[edit] Theaters

ComedySportz ran in a number of theaters over the course of its existence, including:

[edit] Cast

ComedySportz included some 350 members over the course of its existence, including:

[edit] Media

[edit] Photos

[edit] More Information

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