Dear Frailty

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Dear Frailty

Dear Frailty.jpg

Theater ColdTowne Theater
Directed by Tim Honker
Cast Arthur Simone
Run 2009

Dear Frailty is a one-man show created by and starring Arthur Simone. Simone went on to win Best Actor/Actress 2009 in the Austin Chronicle shortly after Dear Frailty's run ended.


[edit] History

Arthur Simone conceived Dear Frailty in the summer of 2009 and based it on new character monologues and some from a previous one man show of his in New Orleans. Arthur hired Tim Honker as Director, and used Honker and Josh Gill as tech.

[edit] Development

Simone had concepts of several new characters he wanted to use in the show and used Honker to interview those characters for up to 45 minutes at a time. Honker took notes during the extended character interviews, then gave the notes to Simone who wrote the script for the show.

[edit] Performances

  • ColdTowne Theater run July-August 2009
  • Hyde Park Theater 3 night run 2010; produced by Wayne Alan Brenner
  • Austin Sketch Fest 2010

[edit] Reviews

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