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Dusk Image.jpg

Theater Salvage Vanguard Theater
Directed by Shana Merlin
Initial Run Oct/Nov 2009
Subsequent Run(s) Oct/Nov 2010

Dusk (full name: Dusk: Improvised Tween Erotica) was a longform narrative improv show produced by Gnap! Theater Projects.

It was an improvised take on The Twilight Saga.


[edit] Summary

The show included many of the tropes associated with the novels, including a werewolf/vampire/human love triangle, a diary voiceover, and some sort of vampire sporting event.

Season 1 was based on Twilight, and focused on the human and vampire meeting and falling in love.

Season 2 was based on the books New Moon and Eclipse, and focused on the love triangle and werewolves.

[edit] History

The show had two mainstage runs at Salvage Vanguard Theater, which the cast and crew refer to as "seasons". Season 1 was Fridays and Saturdays from 10/23/09 to 11/21/09. Season 2 was Fridays and Saturdays from 10/22/10 to 11/20/10. They also did three festival appearances: the Chicago Improv Festival from 4/23/10-4/24/10; New York City at the Tank Theater on 7/9/10; and Atlanta in 2011. They ran fundraiser shows for the Chicago trip on 4/9/10 and 4/16/10 and for the New York trip on 6/25/10 and 7/2/10 (the fundraiser shows were held at Salvage Vanguard Theater).

The marketing tagline for season 1 was "True love waits... forever."

The marketing tagline for season 2 was "Forever is for serious."

[edit] Cast and Crew

[edit] Season 1 (2009)

[edit] Cast

[edit] Crew

[edit] Chicago

[edit] Cast

[edit] Crew

[edit] New York Cast

[edit] Season 2 (2010)

[edit] Cast

[edit] Crew

[edit] Atlanta Cast

[edit] Media

[edit] Videos

  • Video of opening night (10/23/09): part 1, part 2.
  • Video of the opening of the 11/13/09 show.
  • Video of their 4/1/10 show (a warm-up for their Chicago festival appearance).
  • Video of their 9/23/10 show: part 1, part 2.
  • Video of their 9/24/10 show: part 1, part 2.

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[edit] Publicity

[edit] More Information

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