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Echo Lake

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Years Active 2013-Present

Echo Lake is an improv troupe. Lisa Jackson joined in 2015.

[edit] Summary

[edit] Press Blurb

Their press blurb, taken from a 2013 application to perform at The Hideout Theatre:
Echo Lake gives audiences a delicious combination of their experience acting in "real" theater productions, creating cohesive narratives and a their unique sense of freewheeling, goof-ball fun.

[edit] "What's Your Deal?"

Their answer to the "What's Your Deal?" question on a 2013 application to perform at The Hideout Theatre:

We tend to lend towards hyper-agreeing, often all taking on the same character in a scene and heightening to towering heights. We do montage, we don't necessarily take a suggestion and we'll just flow from scene to scene, sometimes taking a vocalization or movement from the previous scene to melt into the next scene.

We're really funny. That's our deal.

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