Gorilla Theater

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Gorilla Theater

Gorilla Theater Pic.jpg

Theater The Hideout Theatre
Directed by Various
Cast Various
Initial Run Unknown
Subsequent Run(s) Oct-Dec 2006

Gorilla Theater was a Johnstonian format put on by The Hideout Theatre.


[edit] Summary

Gorilla Theater is a format invented by Keith Johnstone. There are six players. The players take turns directing scenes. Each scene is then judged by the audience -- if the audience collectively liked the scene, the player gets a "banana", usually represented by a yellow paper banana they can affix on a scoreboard by their name. If the audience collectively disliked the scene, the player gets a "forfeit". When this happens, the player has to draw a slip of paper from a bucket, and the paper has some embarrassing or onerous task written on it, which they then have to do in penance for their bad scene.

There is also a player in a gorilla costume. The gorilla does not direct, but is often called upon to participate in scenes.

[edit] Sample Forfeits

  • "Run around the theater."
  • "Call your mother and apologize for this awful scene."
  • "Tell us an embarrassing fact about yourself."

[edit] History

The show was put on sporadically during the early years of the Hideout, and then ran as a mainstage show from October 2006 to December 2006.

[edit] Media

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