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Heath Allyn


Primary Theater The Institution Theater
Years Active 2012-Present

Heath Allyn is an actor and musician who thus far has worked primarily with The Institution Theater

[edit] History

An actor and musician since around 1981, improvisation has always been present in some form in many of his creative endeavors from interactive children's theater, being a part of the Texas Renaissance Festival's acting troupe, Murder Mystery Dinner theater, to film and television. As a big Joss Whedon fan, he jumped at the chance to audition for the Live TV Tuesdays production of Angel but unfortunately he never heard back. Luckily, Kevin Machate got cast as Spike and referred Heath to director Chelley Pyatt, who immediately cast him as Angel. Heath had known and worked with Tom Booker in the past and was soon after cast as Charles Manson in Manson: The Musical as well as playing a few parts, playing guitar and understudying the lead in a show that became known as "Untitled Space Western Musical." He has also performed in several pieces for various other sketch and variety shows.

He exists in a strange limbo in the AIC in that he is somewhat known for his improvisational skills in the film community, but is known more as an actor and musician in the AIC.

It is posited (but as of yet, scientifically unproven) that Heath is cool as hell like email, but still timeless like a letter.

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