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Jeff Britt

Jeff Britt Pic.jpg

Primary Theater The Institution Theater
Years Active 2007-Present

Jeff Britt is an improv performer.

[edit] History

Jeff's acting career had consisted only of scripted theatre until he started taking improv classes at The Hideout in 2007. His 101 instructor was Andy Crouch, his 201 was future Confidence Men troupe-mate Troy Miller, and his 301 teacher was Shana Merlin.

A post from him about the first improv show he ever saw:
Monks' Night Out at the Velveeta in 1995. I didn't like the show much, but I was impressed that everybody was making it up on the spot. I remember I enjoyed that, for a scene in which every actor played different genres, one guy took my suggestion of "blaxploitation," and the results were delightfully offensive. I kept coming back many times, because my friend Becca, a Monk, kept trying to convince me to take classes and join the Monks, because she thought I was funny. I saw Monks' Night Out many times between 95-98, and I did love some of the shows. I never had the courage to attempt improv myself, however, until around ten years later.

[edit] Shows

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