Live TV Tuesdays: Buffy

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Live TV Tuesdays: Buffy

Live TV Tuesdays- Buffy.jpg

Theater The Institution Theater
Directed by Jordan T. Maxwell
Assistant Director(s)
Run Oct/Nov 2011

Live TV Tuesdays: Buffy refers to the Live TV Tuesdays presentation of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "The Prom".


[edit] History

This was the last Live TV Tuesdays whose run happened entirely at The Highball.

It also had a "preview performance" on 10/11/11 that was the very first show to take place at the newly-constructed Institution Theater.

This was the only TV Tuesdays production to include improvised commercials, instead of period commercials projected on-screen.

Also, this was the last of a continuous run of teen-angst-themed TV choices. After this, the TV Tuesdays series branched out with Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

[edit] Cast

(Liz Brammer was originally cast as Anya, but could not take the role.)

[edit] Crew

(Ruby Willmann served as Assistant Director during the pre-production and development phase, but had to back out before rehearsals started due to scheduling issues. Sarah Marie Curry, who had already been cast as Willow, stepped into the role and oversaw direction of productions after Jordan T. Maxwell departed to film Battleground.)

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