Live TV Tuesdays: Saved by the Bell

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Live TV Tuesdays: Saved by the Bell

Live TV Tuesdays- Saved by the Bell.jpg

Theater The Institution Theater
Directed by Tom Booker
Initial Run Aug 2009
Subsequent Run(s) Oct/Nov 2009

Live TV Tuesdays: Saved by the Bell refers to the Live TV Tuesdays presentation of the Saved by the Bell epiodes "Jessie's Song" and "The Zack Tapes".


[edit] Summary

This was the first production in what became the "Teen Angst Tuesdays" and subsequently the "Live TV Tuesdays" series. At the time, this show was known only as "Staged by the Bell".

The Institution Theater premiered with a four-week run in August, showing a staged version of "Jessie's Song".

The production returned in October of that year, performing a second episode, "The Zack Tapes".

In both of these runs, the episode was preceded by "The Real Game Show", a live, improvised game show with audience participation.

They concluded their run with a Sunday-night show featuring both episodes back-to-back with no opening act.

All of these performances were at The United States Art Authority at The Spider House.

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