Lord Wensleydale's Last High Tea

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Lord Wensleydale's
Last High Tea

Lord Wensleydale's Last High Tea.jpg

Directed by Parallelogramophonograph
Run Saturday April 27 2013

Lord Wensleydale's Last High Tea was an improvised, interactive farce performed as part of Digestible Feats in the 2013 Fusebox Festival.

It was presented by Parallelogramophonograph, who were in charge of the theatrics, and pastry chef Jodi Elliot, who was in charge of the food.


[edit] Summary

This was a high tea held at the Umlauf Sculpture Garden. The paying attendees were, according to the show's conceit, the guests of Lord Wensleydale, who had invited them all to high tea to make a very special announcement.

All cast members wore period costumes and white makeup. Some were "guests", and sat among the paying customers. Others were "servants", who worked the event. Cast members interacted with the audience and with each other (typically with the guests abusing the servants). Roy Janik emceed the event in character as "Mr. Tiddles", the house steward.

Several events punctuated the high tea. Shortly after the first course, the von Geltsacks, rich visitors from Germany and the high tea's honored guests, arrived at the venue. Towards the end of the event, Lord Wensleydale announced that he was marrying his daughter Petunia off to the Dietrich von Geltsack. Baron von Geltsack was shocked, as he had assumed *he* would marry the young Miss Petunia. Finally, Petunia rejected both offers, and ran off with the head servant, Mr. Tiddles.

[edit] Cast

A mishap with a cake at Lord Wensleydale's Last High Tea.
A mishap with a cake at Lord Wensleydale's Last High Tea.

[edit] Main Characters

[edit] Guests

[edit] Servants

[edit] Recognition

The event was nominated for an Austin Critics Table Award in 2013, under the category of "Theatrical Event."

[edit] More Information

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