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Love Fest

Love Fest.jpg

Theater The Institution Theater
Directed by Clifton Highfield
Initial Run Feb 2013
Subsequent Run(s)

Love Fest (AKA Lovefest) is an annual improvised longform show based on the theme of love. In 2013 and 2014, it ran concurrently with Bitterfest.

[edit] Format

Each show consisted of three separate troupe performances by Nugefield, Bedfellows, and The Seven Eight Sevens (2013) or Lovecast (2014). The troupe performances were interspersed with brief musical acts and true stories by the cast members about their love lives.

The Seven Eight Sevens' 2013 format for Love Fest was conceived of by Clifton Highfield who was coaching them at the time. The format was titled "Missed Connections", and was a series of scenes on the them of love interspersed with readings from that day's "Missed Connections" section of craigslist.

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