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My Best Fiend

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Years Active 2012-Present

My Best Fiend is an improv duo that creates fake behind the scenes documentaries in the style of Werner Herzog's My Best Fiend.


[edit] Summary

Chris Allen plays genius/insane German actor Klaus Kinski; Andreas Fabis plays director Werner Herzog. Their troubled cooperation resulted in movies like Nosferatu, Fitzcarraldo and Aguierre. The show presents a never-before-seen glimpse into the relationship and work of these two extraordinary men on one of their "forgotten" films.

Andreas is from Düsseldorf, Germany. He speaks German very well. Christopher is from Iowa. He took German twenty years ago in college... and tries hard to remember how to speak it while performing on stage. Andreas interprets as best as he can.

[edit] History

My Best Fiend premiered at the Hideout's Free Fringe on May 17th 2012 and performed at the 2013 Out of Bounds Festival.

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