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Precious Dads

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Years Active 2012-Present

Precious Dads is an improv troupe based at ColdTowne Theater that has done several Armando mainstage runs.

[edit] History

The troupe presented "Dads in Bars", an Armando based around bartender monologists, at ColdTowne Theater in January 2013. It will resume that format in March 2014 for "The Barmando".

In November 2013, they had a mainstage run of "Home for the Holidays", which used troupe members' parents as monologists for an Armando.

[edit] D.A.D.S.

The troupe originated in 2012 as "D.A.D.S." with troupe members Byron Brown, Carlos LaRotta, Kirk Johnson, Will Elliott. Here is that iteration's answer to the "What's Your Deal?" question on a 2012 application to perform at The Hideout Theatre:
D.A.D.S. performs in loosely defined "Close Quarters" style longform format. Rather than trying to stay within the same location or hypothetical one mile radius, we more try to stay within in the same town. We start off our shows with a game-y intro scene where we take the audience's suggestion and use it as a jumping point for a four-Dad tucking-into-bed-of-the-audience. In other words, we each address the audience as if it was our one child and we talk about the suggestion. (It's like three men and a baby but with less Selleck mustaches and Guttenbergs.) We then call for lights and begin our loose close quarters based off that intro game.

[edit] More Information

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