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Sarah Marie Curry


Primary Theater The Institution Theater
Years Active 2008-Present

Sarah Marie Curry is an improv performer, director, and teacher. She is the General Manager of The Institution Theatre and is responsible for the scheduling, production management, front of house and staffing management of the space.


[edit] Teaching

Sarah Marie currently teaches the improv 601 curriculum at The Institution Theater. This eight week class focuses on dynmaic, free (formless) form and self regulating work. Workshops in her repertoire include "Viewpoints in Improv" (the lessons of Anne Bogart), "Inspiring Scenes through Stage Picture" (pulling stagecraft into awareness and inspiration on stage) and "Once More With Feeling" (emotionally charged improvised singing).

Sarah Marie also provides individual troupe coaching and improvised singing lessons. for more information

[edit] History

Sarah Marie moved to Austin Texas in November of 2007 with the intention of expanding her abilities as an actress, and to pursue her passion for theatre in any way possible. She met Peter Rogers, Andy Crouch and Les McGehee while working backstage as a costume mistress for Austin Shakespeare's 2008 production of Much Ado About Nothing. It was during this time that she first heard of the concept of improv, and was given Les McGehee's book Plays Well With Others. After taking acting classes with The State Theater, Sarah Marie saw an ad for Merlin Works and signed up for Shana Merlin's 101 class. (Shannon McCormick was Shana's TA at the time.) She has since had the honor of playing in numerous improv theaters in Austin and hopes to continue her journey for years to come.

A post from her about the first improv show she ever saw:

With regards to Whose Line Is It, Anyway?, which I saw as a child, I would say the first time I became aware of improvisation as an actual, doable, watchable art form was FronteraFest 2008. I had just moved to Austin and just started my job as the Box Office Manager for FronteraFest. I worked the Short Fringe Box at Hyde Park on most evenings, and when I was done settling, I would duck around back and watch what shows I could.

I saw:

  • Buddy Daddy - Double Plus Squeeeeeeee!
  • Pgraph's French Farce - I was trapped behind the box counter, so I didn't get to see it, but I remember that I had no idea it wasn't scripted, and when I heard it was improvised, I still refused to believe people could be that funny and witty in the spur of the moment. [Side Note: This is also the first moment I ran into Valerie, and thus began many months of "I know her! How do I know her? Am I thinking she's from San Angelo because she is, or because I want her too be? She's so awesome! Why was my brain built like a cheese grater?!" etc etc... Blarg. Thanks for still liking me after all that ridiculousness Valerie!]
  • Girls Girls Girls - "Dog Show: The Musical" I remember thinking "Oh. Wow." It was like my brain couldn't put any of it together: Musical Theatre + Improv (still a very new concept anyway) = All System Shut Down. I remember drooling on one of the Girls after the show (Andrea maybe?) and getting her card, and shyly asking how one ever got to be in GGG, like a star-eyed, corn-fed farm girl who just made it to the big city and saw this new-fangled theater magic... Good times!

After all that bugaboo I started taking classes at The State School of Acting and a few months later and a few productions in between, I was starting to get really down on myself in classes, so I decided to take a just-for-fun "improv" class to see what it was all about and get some new perspective on this new (to me) kind of theatre. I saw that a Shana Merlin person offered 101 with the promise of fun and fancy free frolics and the rest is brief history!

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