Six Degrees

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Six Degrees

Six Degrees Pic.jpg

Theater The Hideout Theatre
Directed by
Cast Various
Initial Run Unknown
Subsequent Run(s) Mar/Apr 2007

Six Degrees was a mainstage show put on by The Hideout Theatre.

[edit] Summary

Six Degrees is a longform that begins with a "La Ronde". This is a format in which the cast includes six players, whom we can refer to as A through F. The first scene is a two-hander between A & B. Then B stays onstage, as the same character, for the second scene, which is a two-hander between B & C. This goes on -- C & D, D & E, E & F -- until the sixth scene, where we come back around with F & A.

After that, it's a narrative longform with no restrictions.

[edit] History

The show was put on sporadically during the early years of the Hideout, and then ran as a mainstage show during March and April in 2007.

[edit] Media

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