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Theater (Webseries)
Directed by Amy Leland
  • Adrian Rodriguez
  • Amy Leland
  • Andrew Lee
  • Brandy Retzolk
  • Chris Chang
  • Ellie Fenton
  • Greg Armstrong
  • Jonathan Van Matre
  • Karin L. Kross
  • Kyle Osburn
  • Martin Pederson
  • Micah Sampson
  • Nancy Smith
  • Nick Fang
  • Peter Rogers
  • 2007-2008 (shot)
  • 2014 (completed)

Sketchville was a webseries.


[edit] Summary

The show is a series of sketches that all occur in Austin over the course of a single day. Events and characters recur from one episode to the next.

The series was projected to eventually zero in on a botched robbery in the middle of that day which involves all of the recurring characters.

[edit] Cast

  • College Kid: Brit Reese
  • Detective Rutherford: JM Specht
  • Fish Thief: Jeff Britt
  • Hans: Kirk Landson
  • Innana: Karin L. Kross
  • Josh: Peter Rogers
  • Mike: Jake Pool
  • Mr. Bradford: John Daws
  • Motivational Speaker: Philip Emanuel
  • Ninja: Lani Steffens
  • Nuclear Plant Boss: Jeremy Dozier
  • Nuclear Plant Employee: Jason Yackov
  • Owen: Erick Anderson
  • Phone Company Boss: Mike Dunlop
  • Phone Company Employee #1: Miguel Jimenez
  • Phone Company Employee #2: Chibbi Orduna
  • Ruthven: Andy Fleming
  • Ted: Bob Apthorpe
  • Tiffany: Kacey Samiee

[edit] Crew

  • Director: Amy Leland
  • Producer: Andrew Lee
  • Line Producer: Adrian Rodriguez
  • First AD: Nancy Smith
  • Casting Director: Micah Sampson
  • Director of Photography: Ellie Fenton
  • Assistant Cameraman: Kyle Osburn
  • Grip/Electric: Chris Chang
  • Sound Engineers: Nick Fang, Martin Pederson
  • Props: Peter Rogers
  • Locations Manager: Brandy Retzolk
  • Crafts/Catering: Karin L. Kross
  • Editor: Amy Leland & Peter Rogers
  • Music: Jonathan Van Matre
  • Sound Mixer: Greg Armstrong
  • Title Graphics: Howard Des Chenes
  • Written by Peter Rogers & Karin L. Kross

[edit] History

The series was written and shot in 2006-2008, completing primary filming on fourteen episodes out of a projected thirty. After that, the project went dormant in post-production until 2014, when Peter Rogers completed the editing process and put all the completed episodes online.

[edit] Media

[edit] Videos

This is a list of all the completed episodes of Sketchville.

(Note that this page has all the episodes concatenated into one half-hour video, and this album will play each of the videos individually.)

[edit] More Information

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