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Somethin' Good

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Years Active 2012

Somethin' Good was an improv troupe.

[edit] Summary

[edit] Press Blurb

Their press blurb, taken from a 2012 application to perform at The Hideout Theatre:
After 14 months of classes together, this rag tag group of comedians emerged from the streets of Austin as Somethin' Good. Because of their countless sleepovers, they will dazzle you with their knowledge of each other, improv, and all things good.

[edit] "What's Your Deal?"

Their answer to the "What's Your Deal?" question on a 2012 application to perform at The Hideout Theatre:

We get a suggestion and then 2-3 people do a living room/documentary style where they tell a story to the audience based on the suggestion (think When Harry Met Sally).

2-4 scenes follow based on the story and then the cycle of story-scenes repeats 1-2 more times.

The last 4-5 minutes are devoted to a run to tie everything up in the show.

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