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[edit] Usage

This template lists standard, useful information about an improv show.

{{Infobox Show
|Name =						
|Picture =						
|Theater =						
|Director =					
|Assistant Director =	
|Music Director = 			
|Tech Director =	
|Dramaturg =
|Stage Manager =
|Producer =					
|Music =      					
|Cast =	   					
|Past Members =							
|Tech =      					
|Run =							
|Subsequent Runs = 		

[edit] Attributes

Parameter Explanation
Name The name of the show.
Picture A picture associated with the show; typically the publicity poster.
Theater The theater where the show happened.  In some cases, this could be more than one theater.
Director The person or persons who directed the show.
Assistant Director List any assistant director here.
Tech Director List any tech director here.
Dramaturg List any dramaturgs here.
Stage Manager List any stage managers here.
Music Director List any music director here.
Producer The entity (such as Gnap!) that produced the show, if that's different from the theater.
Cast Who was in the show. Use the unbulleted list template to make a list of performers.
Past Members The past stage, technical, and backstage members of the troupe. To include a list of people, use Template:Unbulleted_list.
Tech Who teched the show. Use the unbulleted list template to make a list of technical improvisors, if necessary.
Music If there was live music for the show, list the musician or musicians here.
Run The time frame of its initial run -- e.g., "Jan/Feb 2010".
Subsequent Runs The time frame(s) of its subsequent run(s) -- e.g., "Jan/Feb 2010". If there are multiple subsequent runs, use the unbulleted list template to create a list.

Show Name

Show Default Image.jpg

Directed by Unknown
Cast Unknown
Run Unknown
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