The 2009 Out of Bounds Comedy Festival

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The 2009 Out of Bounds Comedy Festival was the eighth annual Out of Bounds Comedy Festival.


[edit] Summary

It ran from Thursday to Monday, 9/3/09 to 9/6/09.

Its advertising was classic-Nintendo themed.

[edit] Acts

[edit] Local Improv and Sketch Acts

[edit] Out-of-Town Improv and Sketch Acts

  • 7-10 Split (LA)
  • 88improv (OMA)
  • Audience of Two (NYC)
  • The Babies (LA)
  • Billyhawk (LA)
  • Cackowski and Talarico (LA)
  • Chasing Dumb, The Annoyance (CHI)
  • Claymore (CHI)
  • Cook County Social Club, iO Chicago (CHI)
  • Cool Your J (NYC)
  • Crayons (TUL)
  • Cricket City (COM)
  • The Daley Reome (CHI)
  • Ddam C! (LA)
  • Dirty Water (CHI)
  • Double Eagle Short Film Festival (VAR)
  • Dr. God (LA)
  • Dummy (CHI)
  • Empty Suits (ATL)
  • F.U.C.T. (NYC)
  • Galapagos (PHX)
  • Idiot Tango, The Annoyance (CHI)
  • Impro Melbourne (MEL)
  • Improv Monologue Project (TOR)
  • Kape (NYC)
  • Lounge-asauraus Rex (MIN)
  • M.A.D. (NYC)
  • Massive (HOU)
  • Nerdvana (LA)
  • The New Mees (LA)
  • Omega 2, iO Chicago (CHI)
  • On the Spot (HI)
  • Rampleseed (MIN)
  • Scatter! (HOU)
  • Sidecar (NYC)
  • Slow Children Crossing (LA)
  • Snake & Bunny (NYC)
  • Splendid Things (MIN)
  • Take Me. Seriously (NYC)
  • Token Boy (LA)
  • The TuskegeeXperiment (LA)
  • Twinprov (OKC)
  • The Victims (DAL)
  • Wilhelm Scream (CIN)

[edit] Stand-Up Comedians

  • Aalap Patel (NYC)
  • Albert Im (ATX)
  • Bob Biggerstaff (HOU)
  • Chelcie Rice (ATL)
  • Holly Lorka (ATX)
  • Kerry Lendo (ATX)
  • Lance Gilstrap (ATX)
  • Nick Ross (NYC)
  • Ramin Nazer (ATX)

[edit] Short Films

  • Missing Pieces starring Jordan Belfi and Rainn Wilson
  • Disturbance
  • Bill and the Bacon Explosion
  • First Date featuring Cody Dearing

[edit] Media

[edit] Videos

[edit] Other

[edit] More Information

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