The 2014 Institution Theater Awards

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The 2014 Institution Theater Awards was the second annual Institution Theater Awards.


[edit] Summary

The awards ceremony was held at the Institution Theater at 6pm on 2/16/14.

[edit] Nominees

Winners are listed in bold text.

[edit] Favorite Improvised "Something" Show

[edit] Favorite Scripted, Sketch, or Variety Show

[edit] Favorite "One Off" Show

  • "Butt Kapinski", presented by Deanna Fleysher
  • Confidence Men's "100 Shows & C*nting"
  • "Mayfly", presented by Todd Stashwick
  • "Not So Silent Night of Standup Comedy", hosted by Regina Soto
  • "The Velvet Rut", a sketch show about Austin

[edit] Favorite Director

[edit] Favorite Tech Performer

[edit] Favorite Male Performer

[edit] Favorite Female Performer

[edit] Favorite New Male Improvisor

[edit] Favorite New Female Improvisor

[edit] Favorite Male Stand-Up Comedian

[edit] Favorite Female Stand-Up Comedian

[edit] The Audience Member Award

[edit] Favorite Outstanding Intern

[edit] Favorite Original Line

[edit] Tom Booker Appreciation Awards

Tom Booker gave out four appreciation awards in the ceremony, to the following people:

[edit] Media

[edit] Photos

[edit] Videos

[edit] More Information

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