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The Better Half

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Years Active 2011-Present

The Better Half is an improv duo in Austin, TX.


[edit] Summary

The troupe features Regina Soto and Madeline Jo Chauvin as manly men who talk about women, relationships, jobs, what it means to be a man, and arts and crafts.

The troupe began as a scene in the Master Class at The Institution Theater in 2011. The instructor, Asaf Ronen, came up with the troupe name. They weren't given a choice, really. The first show also had Kathy Rose Center and Ashley Lowe in the cast.

Shortly thereafter, Regina, Jo, and Ashley took off and started performing around Austin at The Institution Theater, The Hideout Theatre, and ColdTowne Theater. They also performed in Houston at the FemProv improv festival in 2012.

In Spring 2013 Ashley Lowe left the troupe (amicably!) to focus on other projects. Now Regina and Jo perform The Better Half as a duo and sometimes with special guests, most notably Heidi Caldwell and Carla Goodman.

The Better Half Presents Date Night, featuring diverse acts such as clowning, storytelling, improv, music, and sketch, also including real blind dates on stage, had a 4-week run at The Institution Theater in August 2014, after a one-off show in July sold out. They brought back their real live "Dating Game", "Relationship Game", and Blind Date onstage during Lovefest in 2015.

The Better Half perfected the spank circle, and Regina can never remember what Character Chords are.

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