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The Couchsurfers

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Years Active 2014-Present
Directed by Asaf Ronen

The Couchsurfers are an improv duo.


[edit] Summary

[edit] Press Blurb

Their press blurb, taken from a 2014 application to perform at The Hideout Theatre:

Jake and Callie Sharon are two unlikely soulmates- from vastly different backgrounds- who met on

You get to pick two new couchsurfing strangers- but who knows how those two people will react?!

[edit] "What's Your Deal?"

Their answer to the "What's Your Deal?" question on a 2014 application to perform at The Hideout Theatre:

Callie and Jake Sharon's unlikely love story began when Jake opened for Kyle Kinane at Laugh Your Asheville Off Comedy Festival in Asheville, North Carolina.

Because Jake needed a place to crash, he requested Callie Fagg's couch via

Thus their soulmate saga began. isn't about a free place to stay; it's about bringing strangers together so they can intertwine their cultural experiences.

With that in mind, The Couchsurfers perform a 2-person format.

Inspired by audience suggestion, 2 strangers will have a conversation which will inform the rest of their set. Will the result be another love story?

Crazy hijinks?

Adventure? Who knows.

Jake and Callie have both been training at The Institution Theater and other theaters.

Jake has 5+ years of improv under his belt.

Callie is in level 3 at the Institution Theater.

The Couchsurfers coach with Asaf Ronen and recently debuted their show at The Insitution Theater's Triple Scoop showcase.

[edit] More Information

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