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The Escorts

The Escorts 2014.jpg

Years Active 2011-Present
Past Members

The Escorts are an improv troupe that perform monoscenes and "strange attractor" as their formats.


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"The Escorts will take the audience anywhere they want to go! Inspired from a location suggested by an audience member, The Escorts perform a one-act play focused on relationships, discovery and mischief. Where will we take you next?

Marc Majcher is both a performer and teacher at The Hideout Theatre. Andreas Fabis, a member of the Gnap! company and director of Magna Veritas, has also performed in game-changing shows such as Live Nude Improv. Ruby Willmann is director of What the F@*$ and a Hideout improv teacher, and Alex Dobrenko is a recent participant in the New York Improv Festival. Lindsey Reeves is played in The Professor and Firefly: The musical."

Aaron Saenz joined in January 2014 after Alex Dobrenko left for Los Angeles. Shannon Dale Stott joined in 2015 after Ruby Willmann moved to Los Angeles

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