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The Free Fringe

Free Fringe Poster.jpg

Theater The Hideout Theatre
Directed by Various
Cast Various
Run 2012-Present

The Free Fringe is a performance slot at The Hideout Theatre.

[edit] Summary

The Free Fringe happens every Thursday at 10pm at the Hideout. It is free to attend, and features two experimental, one-off shows followed by a headliner act.

The show is concept-driven, rather than troupe-driven. The Hideout accepts online submissions for show concepts, and picks several to showcase each week.

The show is hosted by Jessica Arjet. Firth & Arjet was the Free Fringe's headliner through 8/9/12. Then, after Kristin Firth left Austin, a rotating set of Jessica's projects have occupied the headliner slot.

Many of the experiments put up for the Free Fringe have met with unexpected success and become recurring shows.

[edit] History

The Fringe premiered on 1/5/12, shortly after Parallelogramophonograph travelled to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and is patterned after that festival's own Free Fringe.[1]

For a list of all formats performed in The Free Fringe, see the List of Free Fringes, which also includes all posted media of the show.

[edit] More Information

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