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The Hideout Improv Marathon is an annual improv event at The Hideout Theatre.


[edit] Summary

In the improv marathon, a core cast of eight improvisors performs some number of one-hour improv shows, back-to-back and without sleep. Every hour brings a different show format, and with it, different guests who specialize in that format.

In its first year, the marathon was a fundraiser for the Hideout itself. The next year, it became a fundraiser for The Hideout Theatre Youth Scholarship Fund.

[edit] History

The first record of the idea for the marathon is an email from Andy Crouch to Roy Janik from 8/15/08:
"We absolutely should do a 52-hour improv marathon as a fundraiser. You have a core group of people that actually stays up for the full time. Some people won't make it, but some will. You bring in guest players and change format every hour, working in all of our main formats (Maestro, Gorilla, Theatresports, Six Degrees, Start Trekkin', Shakespeare, After School Special, improvised musical, etc.) maybe more than once, and we make up some fun formats to fill the hours."

The marathon debuted as The 40-Hour Improv Marathon in 2009. The event has recurred every subsequent year, with the number of hours incrementing by one every time.

[edit] Individual Marathons

[edit] Marathon Casts

Repeat performers are in bold. As of 2018, 17 improvisers have performed in the marathon more than once; only Troy Miller and Jessica Arjet have completed it three times.

2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Andy Crouch Bill Stern Andy Crouch Emma Holder Aaron Saenz Bridget Brewer Brett Tribe Ace Manning Craig Kotfas Alex Walker
Caitlin Sweetlamb Curtis Luciani Jason Vines Eric Heiberg Christopher "Ceej" Allen Dave Buckman Cat Drago Caitlin Sweetlamb J.R. Zambrano Chuy Zarate
Curtis Luciani Jessica Arjet Jordan T. Maxwell Halyn Lee Erickson Jessica Arjet Jonathan Monkhouse Courtney Hopkin Chuy Zarate Katie Dahm Courtney Hopkin
Jeremy Sweetlamb Kaci Beeler Karen Jane Dewitt Jill Bernard Kayla Lane Freeman Katie Dahm Halyn Lee Erickson Jeremy Sweetlamb Margaret Rose Hunsicker Eric Heiberg
Kaci Beeler Marc Majcher Lisa Jackson John Ratliff Lindsey Reeves Michael Ferstenfeld Michael Joplin Jessica Arjet Patti Stiles Linzy Beltran
Kareem Badr Meghan Wolff Peter Rogers Jon Bolden Lisa Jackson Rachel Madorsky Mike D'Alonzo Katie Hartman Rob Yoho Patrick Creamer
Matt Pollock Roy Janik Tim Redmond Marc Majcher Michael Joplin Ruby Willmann Quinn Buckner Rachel Austin Ryan Austin Shannon Stott
Troy Miller Valerie Ward Troy Miller Roy Janik Peter Rogers Troy Miller Sarah Marie Curry Ryan Hill Yamina Khouane Tyler Groce

[edit] More Information

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