The Joss Whedon Pajama Party

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The Joss Whedon
Pajama Party

The Joss Whedon Pajama Party.jpg

Theater The Institution Theater
Directed by
Run Jun 2012

The Joss Whedon Pajama Party was a sketch and improv revue themed around the works of Joss Whedon.


[edit] Summary

With the massive success of the Firefly musical capping off successful Live TV Tuesdays runs of Buffy, Angel, and Doctor Horrible, the Institution decided to capitalize on the Whedon fanbase by making a sketch and improv revue based on his works.

The show was hosted by Jordan T. Maxwell, who was also in charge of the improv sections of the show, put on every night by an ad hoc troupe called "The Mutant Enemies", after Whedon's production company.

Chelley Pyatt was in charge of getting sketch material together, which was written by herself, Peter Rogers, Cindy Page, Asaf Ronen, and Sarah Swofford.

Each performance included a trivia contest, with questions written by Chelley Pyatt.

The show ran immediately after Firefly for every week in June 2012.

The Pajama Party was brought back for a special, one-off performance on 1/25/13. That last performance had a slightly different format: it included video sketches, improv from the Firefly cast, and a half-hour Buffy narrative from the cast of Fandom.

[edit] Casts

All June 2012 shows were hosted by Jordan T. Maxwell. The 1/25/13 show was hosted by Sarah Marie Curry.

[edit] 6/15/12 Performance

[edit] 6/22/12 Performance

[edit] 6/29/12 Performance

[edit] 1/25/13 Performance

[edit] Media

[edit] Videos of Sketches

[edit] Videos of Full Shows

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