The Organ Trail

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The Organ Trail

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Theater ColdTowne Theater
Directed by Cody Dearing
Run Oct 2014

The Organ Trail was a mainstage show at ColdTowne Theater, an audience-interactive, zombie-fied take on the classic computer educational game The Oregon Trail.

[edit] Summary

[edit] Publicity Blurb

"As if snake bites and dysentery weren't enough to worry about, in this highly interactive (and highly bloody) live simulation of the game 'The Organ Trail', a zombie version of the game 'The Oregon Trail', audience members will attempt to survive a cross country trip in their trusty station wagon to a safe zone in Seattle. Along the way the audience will help by making crucial decisions, participating in hunting and scavenging challenges, and – if worst comes to worst – making a tombstone for the friend they brought to the show."
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