The Plagiarists

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The Plagiarists

The Plagiarists.jpg

Years Active 2009-2011
Directed by Asaf Ronen
This page refers to the narrative troupe in which each player improvised in the style of a particular playwright. For the narrative troupe in which each player improvises in a particular genre, see The Library.

The Plagiarists were a narrative improv troupe in which each participant adopted the style of a different playwright.


[edit] Summary

[edit] Press Blurb

This is their bio from the web site for The 2011 Improvised Play Festival:

The Plagiarists will absorb the delicious talents of some of the greatest playwrights. Five great actors will work together, each on a steady diet of their own author’s style, to cook up a never-before-seen improvised play.

[edit] The Cast's Styles

Each cast member acted in the style of a particular playwright, as follows:

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