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The Source

The Source Poster.jpg

Theater The Institution Theater
Directed by
Music By
Crew Ripley Adams
Run Jul/Aug 2015

The Source was a mainstage show at The Institution Theater. It combined improv games, monologs, and music into an audience-interactive experience inspired by 1960s cult indoctrinations.


[edit] Summary

The show ran Fridays at 10pm from 7/24/15 to 8/28/15. Each show included the entire cast, with one performer each night playing the cult leader, named Mother Yod or Father Yod as appropriate. Performer costumes defaulted to beige/cream/off-white loose, flowing garments.

Each show begin with the cast, in character as cult members, leading the audience members (referred to as "Seekers") into the Institution Theater's "Clubhouse" building. The cast engaged one-on-one with the audience members, asking them questions about themselves and generally getting connected. Shortly after that, a gong would sound, and the cult would begin the "Invocation of Yod", which would eventually bring their leader into the space.

The show then went through a set series of themed scenes, games and interactions, all of which included improvised material. Pacing and energy varied throughout the show, defaulting to serene, peaceful lighting and music, but included phases of intense chaos, meant to invoke the frenzy of losing one's mind to a cult leader.

The show drew inspiration from the Source Family, an early 70s utopian cult/rock band.

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