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The Starborn


Years Active September 2013-Present
The Starborn Poster.
Poster promoting their return and first show as a dedicated troupe.
Threefer Run.
Poster promoting their February 2014 run of headlining shows in The Threefer.

The Starborn is a highly theatrical, audience-interactive improv show. Ryan and Mia play sibling aliens that "land" on the stage and mock the people of earth before the big invasion. Often times they will take humans at the end of the show as "pets", or misinterpret common customs and style to believe they are in the presence of James Bond or Batman. Audience members are frequently brought up on stage and integrated into the show.


[edit] History

It began as a Free Fringe show inspired by troupes like Super Mega Art Show and Butt Kapinski. The first iteration also involved theatricality, including costumes and the now signature "No Introduction" approach. The Starborn is never introduced as a troupe in a show's lineup, but is often announced as the fictional troupe "Ryan and Mia" and a power outage or landing is faked in place of "Ryan and Mia's" set.

Mia Iseman designed the costumes herself and made tweaks to the details to denote the different genders of the aliens.

[edit] Show Runs

In February of 2014 The Starborn headlined The Threefer at The Hideout Theatre.

[edit] Festivals

In 2014, The Starborn was selected to perform two shows in the Out Of Bounds Comedy Festival in Austin, TX. They headlined the downstairs show Thursday at The Hideout Theatre and also played in the same slot as Jimmy Carrane's Improv Nerd Podcast and the OOB lottery show at The State on the closing night of the festival.

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[edit] Press Blurb

The Starborn is an improvised, interactive alien invasion. The playful and devious alien twins (played by Mia Iseman and Ryan Austin) land on Earth to toy with the humans in the audience before they destroy them for good.

But just before they blast us into particle dust, they want to get to know us a little bit. Play with our emotions and see up close the culture they've prepared to destroy for centuries. No seat is safe as they work their way into the audience and observe, misinterpret and often abduct anyone that strikes their fancy. Earth is doomed in the best possible way.

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