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Theater The Hideout Theatre
Directed by Roy Janik
Cast Varies
Run Jan 2018 - Present

TheatreDome is a cagematch-style performance slot at The Hideout Theatre.

[edit] Summary

Every performance of TheatreDome pits two troupes against each other.

The winner (decided by audience vote) returns the next week to face a new challenger. It is part of The Wheel.

[edit] List of Bouts Featured

(Bold text denotes winner of bout)

Date Troupe A Troupe B
1/12/2018 Pan Labyrinth Camp sLaughter
1/19/2018 Camp sLaughter Run the Fools
1/26/2018 ¡ZARZAMORA! Yes Anderson
2/2/2018 Yes Anderson Run the Fools
2/9/2018 Run the Fools Eenie Meanie Beanie Babies
2/16/2018 Kenny/Rogers Eenie Meanie Beanie Babies
2/23/2018 Red Handed Eenie Meanie Beanie Babies
3/2/2018 The Library Eenie Meanie Beanie Babies
3/23/2018 The Matriarchy Eenie Meanie Beanie Babies
3/30/2018 Ad-Hoc Eenie Meanie Beanie Babies
4/6/2018 The Millillionares Eenie Meanie Beanie Babies
4/13/2018 RUN THE FOOLS Three on a Match
4/20/2018 Soundstage 23 Three on a Match
4/27/2018 Soundstage 23 Manic Pixie Stix
5/4/2018 Soundstage 23 Frootopia
5/11/2018 Soundstage 23 Empty Promises
5/18/2018 Soundstage 23 Stevie Dicks
5/25/2018 Soundstage 23 Rough Ian
6/2/2018 Soundstage 23 Soy Taco
6/16/2018 Dixon Soy Taco
6/30/2018 Dixon Channel 2
7/6/2018 Dixon Documentary Later

[edit] More Information

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