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Total Panic

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Years Active 2009-2011

Total Panic was the 6th ColdTowne Student Troupe and was formed during the ColdTowne/New Movement Split.

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Auditions for the 6th ColdTowne Student Troupe were held in early January 2009 after the debut in December 2008 of the previous ColdTowne Student Troupe Northshore Local. The cast was announced on 1/12/2009 with ColdTowne Faculty member Tami Nelson as the coach. The following ColdTowne students were cast in "Troupe Six":

"Troupe Six" had 2 rehearsals with their coach Tami Nelson before the ColdTowne/New Movement Split occurred on 2/4/2009. Troupe Six continued to rehearse with Tami Nelson at The New Movement Theater while it was under construction, until they collectively decided to dissolve the troupe several weeks later. Some members left their classes at ColdTowne Theater in favor of classes at The New Movement.

Other members petitioned ColdTowne Theater to allow them to return to ColdTowne as Troupe Six without the full cast. They were permitted to do so and named themselves "Total Panic".

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