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Totally Improvised, 90210


Theater Salvage Vanguard Theater
Directed by Lauren Buck
Assistant Director(s) Peter Rogers
Produced by Gnap! Theater Projects
Music By Vinh Ngo
Run Aug 2011
This page refers to the Gnap! Theater Projects improv show based on 90210. For the Live TV Tuesdays staging of the 90210 episode "Spring Dance", see Live TV Tuesdays: Beverly Hills, 90210.

Totally Improvised, 90210 was an improvised take on Beverly Hills, 90210.


[edit] Summary

The show took place in the same world as Beverly Hills, 90210, with that same central cast. Each performance began with a three-minute intro from an episode of the show, and then ran with that for about an hour of improv.

Much of the rehearsal process focused on *slowing down*, getting the cast to concentrate less on plot, and more of exploring the feelings with each development -- the notion was slowing down the improv performance so that it matched the pace of the original television show. Performers also had to be comfortable playing out intimacy onstage, and again, slowing their pace with it to something that matched the source material.

In addition to the main run, Totally Improvised, 90210 performed a special one-off show for The TV Set in November 2012.

The show was produced by Gnap! Theater Projects at Salvage Vanguard Theater.

[edit] Full Cast & Crew

Flex Cast: Amy Averett, Kevin Miller, Kimberly Cox, Mark Carpenter, Peter Rogers

Musician: Vinh Ngo

Tech Crew: Anne Wolfe Andersen, Jen Kaplan

Assistant Director: Peter Rogers

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