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What's the Story, Steve?


Years Active 2011-Present

What's the Story Steve? is a troupe that specializes in children's theater and features a poodle.


[edit] Summary

What's the Story Steve? produces a weekly improvised children's show at ColdTowne Theater. Additionally, the troupe occasionally performs an adult version of the show at various theaters in Austin.

Featuring Steve the Improvising Poodle, WTSS shows introduce Steve as both the host of the show and as a performer. The Voice of Steve (V.o.S.) is played by an actor offstage, using a microphone.

[edit] History

The troupe was founded in August of 2011, and first performed the following month as "What's the Story?: Improvised Wishbone" in The Cagematch.

It has performed a weekly show at ColdTowne Theater since November of 2011 and in The 2012 Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, The 2013 Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, The 43-Hour Improv Marathon, The 44-Hour Improv Marathon and The 45-Hour Improv Marathon.

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