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Yamina Khouane


Primary Theater The New Movement
Years Active 2010-current

Yamina is an actor and improv comic based in Austin, TX.

[edit] History

Yamina started her improv career with short-form college troupe Gigglepants in 2006. After graduating with a BA in Theatre from UT in 2010, she started her long-form training at The New Movement Theater. Within a year of training under Chris Trew and Tami Nelson, Yamina became a regular main-stage performer at the theater, with house teams like Delta Burka and Claws with Fangs. In 2012, TNM moved from East Austin to Downtown Austin, giving birth to a new era for Austin Improv. The move was also the beginning of Yamina's stint as an improv instructor and a cast member of "The Megaphone Show", TNM's flagship weekly event.

As a main-stage player for The New Movement theater, Yamina has been a performer for Fun Fun Fun Fest and has been invited as a guest performer at TNM New Orleans. Yamina's house team CHECKBOOK has been nominated for the Rudy Kloptic Award for Oustanding Improvisational Theatre Ensemble in 2012 and has also participated in several festivals, including Hell Yes Fest, The Megaphone Marathons, and the Del Close Marathon.

Yamina trained at the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York City in 2014 under Dave Siegel, Molly Lloyd, and Don Fanelli and was accepted into their Advanced Improv program.

[edit] Troupes

[edit] Shows

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