Drew's Improv Gym

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Drew's Improv Gym

Drew's Improv Gym.jpg

Directed by Drew Wesely
Cast Various
Run March 2015-Present

Drew's Improv Gym is a weekly improv jam at the House Of Tutors, 2400 Pearl St, Austin, TX 78705.


Drew's Improv Gym was started in March 2015 by improv coach and instructor Drew Wesely. The goal of the jam is to enable improv students and performers to do long form improv scenes, with a focus each jam on targeting a particular aspect of scene-work, and then receive brief notes on their improvising.

The jam is open to any improv students or experienced improvisers who want to do long form scenes earlier in the evening and want brief notes on the scene-work. It targets improv students who want to exercise what they have learned in class, or graduates who haven't found a troupe to rehearse regularly with, or any improvisers that wants to maintain skills at a jam that is not late at night or on the weekend.



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