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Drew Wesely

Drew Wesely Pic.jpg

Primary Theater ColdTowne Theater
Years Active 2007-Present

Drew Wesely, aka Andrew Wesely, is an improv comedian, sketch actor, and improv teacher in Austin, Texas.

Drew Wesely began classes at ColdTowne Conservatory in 2007, prior to the breakup of the original ColdTowne members, and received improv training from all of them. He began as a Teacher's Assistant at ColdTowne Conservatory in 2011, and became a teacher at ColdTowne in 2015. He has attended improv workshops/received coaching from: UCB (including instruction from Matt Besser, Ian Walsh, Neil Casey, Brandon Gardner, Shannon O'Neill, Will Storie, Alan Starzinski, and Jonny Svarzbein), The Annoyance (Mark Sutton), iO (Jet Eveleth, Craig Cackowski, Eric Hunicutt, Craig Uhlir, Karen Graci, Dave Hill, Matt Jones) and The New Movement (Chris Trew and Tami Nelson). He has been on improv troupes coached by Dave Buckman (Boom Chicago), Tom Booker (iO/The Annoyance/The Institution), Arthur Simone, Michael Jastroch, Cody Dearing, Roy Janik, Ashley Nugent, Clifton Highfield, Will Cleveland, John Ratliff, Brent Foshee, Lance Gilstrap, Aden Kirschner, and Jericho Thorpe. He once performed standup in "The Mothup", delivering an impromptu monologue.

Drew Wesely created and operates Drew's Improv Gym, a weekly coached improv jam, which is a hybrid of an open improv jam and a drop-in improv class. In 2016 a team called "Wreck Center", which took its name from the team members meeting at Drew's Gym at Austin Rec Center, was coached by Drew Wesely to victory in the ColdTowne Cagematch.

He performed a minor role in a scene with Ashley Judd in the motion picture High Crimes as "Marine", and was a background actor/dancer in the film Desert Bloom with Jon Voight.

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