Lazer Wolf

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Lazer Wolf is an musical improv troupe that grew out of a Merlin Works improvised singing class.


The troupe grew out of a cohort of improvisers that went through the entire Merlin Works improvised singing curriculum in the first half of 2015. Shana Merlin taught their Improvised Singing 101 class and Michael Ferstenfeld taught their Improvised Singing 201 and 301 classes. After their graduation showcase they decided to form a troupe.

The name Lazer Wolf came from the name of a fictional band improvised in a game of "Greatest Hits" that took place in their 101 class. Leyla Cohlmia and Rachel Creason were Lazer Wolf and they would howl at the end of every song. Since then the whole group has adopted the name, and the howl. It's possible that the name is a subconscious reference to the character "Lazar Wolfe" in the musical "Fiddler on the Roof" as Lazer Wolf leans towards classic musical theater.


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